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NZ Registered Dietitian* offering personal one-to-one consultations in MERIVALE CHRISTCHURCH, or by telephone, fax, e-mail and/or Skype.

Lose Weight Your Way!

There are many ways to lose weight

Dietitians are the expert health professionals who help when dieting fails. Just changing to healthier eating is usually not enough to lose weight consistently.

Some people only need to fine-tune their eating and to exercise, to start losing weight. Other people need to learn much more about choosing their foods to keep losing weight.

Losing weight * your way

Losing weight* someone else’s way

Losing weight your way is ‘all about you’ and what works for you to learn to control your own weight. One-method diet programmes rely on you to control yourself and to obey the rules of the diet which can be simplistic exclusions.
Whatever you do to lose weight, you have to keep doing that to maintain your weight loss. Maintenance starts at day one of weight loss. If you are hanging out for a diet to end, you are less likely to keep doing what you need to do to keep your weight off.
A step-by-step approach to change allows you to target your own special problems rather than spending all of your energy trying to get someone else’s diet “right”. When you go on someone else’s diet, you are expecting yourself to change overnight. You can be so busy ‘keeping to the diet’ that you don’t learn how to manage your weight for yourself.
Learning what you need to do to enjoy your life and still lose weight, empowers you to manage your own weight within your chosen lifestyle. Trying to eat as little as you can to lose weight as fast as you can, can end in disappointment and at a loss of how to manage your weight in the future.

* Are you overweight? Check the Heart Foundation BMI Calculator

How can I help you to lose weight your way?

I do the calculations, you do the eating.


Dietitians help you to change your eating habits

Research shows that it is not enough to just know what to do when it comes to changing how we eat. Our personal emotions, beliefs and habits need to be considerations in our targets for change.

Sometimes what we think is right, because of what we believe from experiences and information from our past, might not be helping us to lose weight.

We can become more aware of these thoughts and become empowered to move on to what works for our weight loss. This is not about accepting the unbelievable; it is about using reason together with accurate evidence-based information.

Overweight leading to chronic ill-health requires long-term management that relies upon the development of meaningful personal skills and support networks. The dietitian works with your readiness and confidence in your ability to change and your understanding of your own weight gains and weight losses.

Dietitians are the health professionals trained to interpret the scientific information about food and eating (see page 1 ‘about’). They are trained to help you with changing your eating habits, teaching accurate nutritional information, and promoting reassurance through the ups and downs of changing habits through the 7 stages of weight loss.

The 7 stages of weight loss:

Dietitian consultations can start at any stage of your weight loss or weight maintenance. 

  • Halting weight gain
  • Losing weight
  • Maintaining the initial weight loss
  • Losing more weight
  • Maintaining the final weight loss
  • Regaining weight every now and then
  • Losing transient gains