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NZ Registered Dietitian* offering personal one-to-one consultations in MERIVALE CHRISTCHURCH, or by telephone, fax, e-mail and/or Skype.

Welcome to Janice Bremer Dietitian

I am a NZ registered dietitian. *Dietitians are qualified nutritionists with post-graduate clinical training they are required to keep up-dated. A dietitian check enables you to target your own special health challenges when choosing eating changes that will give results. It is an evidence-based, step-by step approach of learning how to manage your lifestyle habits for yourself, rather than following a set diet.

What is the Problem?

After a problem solving assessment, we discuss possible choices for making your own targets for change during teaching and discussions about the research evidence that supports effective change for you.

What happens next?

More structured teaching is graduated to enable you to achieve your health targets. More counselling for managing habits can be introduced if you have difficulty in meeting your own change targets.

What happens after that?

You can elect to continue the coaching during the course of your change, until you meet your targets, or to check in from time to time. Follow-up includes managing lapses that are a normal part of change.

About helping you to help yourself..

Making dietary changes for a health benefit requires advice backed by strong evidence that it will help you. Knowledge-for-everyone then needs tailoring for individual health needs and personal food preferences.

This is what a dietitian does. 

about more life..

Dietary changes can contribute to increased ‘liveliness’, heightened quality of daily living, and prolonged life. Whilst these outcomes are not easily measured scientifically, in the short term, they can help you with motivation to sustain change for the long term.

your doctor..

Working with your doctor is vital to your on-going health – a dietitian report to your doctor is optional.

About methods

There are many ways to put together foods to achieve nutrient and non-nutrient needs for weight loss, heart- and diabetes-risk. Eating and exercise habits are hard to change and this is why problem-solving methods using step-by-step change, rather than a ‘change-everything-overnight’ diet, can produce sustained results.

NZ Registered Dietitians have postgraduate clinical training and are bound to use methods validated by the best available research that they translate into practical, ‘do-able’, food-based recommendations specifically for you. I have been involved in background research papers for the development of national guidelines of best practice.

I hold a current practising certificate with the Dietitians Board as is required by law in NZ. This requires continued up-skilling in areas of practice. See and

About Janice

I have a career of more than 30-years providing dietetic services in Canterbury.

My career-long passions have been type 2 diabetes, heart and blood vessel disease, and helping people to lose weight. Dietary change for these problems demonstrate very obvious benefits but changes must be lifelong.

I started out with a strong research, hospital and teaching experience, media and writing for the popular press, and for more than 20 years have worked in heart-health dietary resource developments in NZ.

For all of my career I have continued to see people in one-to-one personal consultative sessions, with short- or long- term follow-up to suit their needs. Many continue to keep themselves on track and updated with regular visits. Many return for restarts.